Roots Wooden Jewelry

Roots wooden jewelry by Vanessa Chew Designs was born out of the desire to keep off-cuts from gifts, made during Vanessa's time in design school, out of the waste stream. She continues to use re-purposed wood by sourcing off-cuts from local wood mills. Saving these off-cuts, too small for lumber, from the chipper or from being burned. Vanessa then mills the wood at a local wood shop to prepare it for use in creating the jewelry.


Designed with Vanessa's loved ones in mind, each piece of jewelry is made by hand using wood off-cuts, non-toxic adhesive and waterproof finish, wool fabric, and 14k gold-filled chain and findings (for those with nickel allergies).

To purchase, please click here for the Etsy store.

For inquiries or wholesale orders, please email Vanessa at info@vanessachew.com.